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5 Tools To Help You Better Manage Content

Boomerang allows you to schedule your emails to be sent for a later time. This if great if you find yourself working late, but don’t necessarily want clients to know you’re working at that time. Instead, schedule them to be sent the next morning. It’s also useful if you prefer to have a little time between writing your email and sending it. Maybe you’d like to think about what you’ve written before hitting the send button.

There’s capability for tracking opens, forwards, and clicks.

Set emails to arrive to the top of your inbox later.

You can even set your inbox to “pause” so that you only receive incoming emails at your preferred time. There are a host of other super helpful options that you can explore. Boomerang is gracious enough to give you 10 free schedules per month. When you exceed that amount, you’ll be asked to upgrade (or wait for until the next month to reset your schedules). This one, however, is worth the paid upgrade.

Grammarly is great if you don’t have an in-house editor and could use some backup from time to time. You can simply upload, or copy and paste, your text to Grammarly and it’ll highlight your grammar and spelling mishaps; tell you on which grade level you’ve written (remember the goal is to stay around a 7th grade level); and how long it will take to read your content.

You’ll have to upgrade to the paid version if you want more advanced assistance. Honestly though, the paid version might be more confusing than helpful. It often suggestions corrections to text that is already correct. If you’re a person who struggles with grammar rules and basic editing, the paid version could leave your writing worse off than when you began.

This one is a favorite because it stores documents, presentations, and photos in a cloud based storage system that you can access from all of your electronic devices, including your mobile phone. That means that you can start work on a document from your office desktop and finish up on your cell phone while waiting in your doctor’s office (been there, done that). It also makes it easier to forward documents when you’re away from your office or laptop. No one ever has to know that you’ve left the office…early!

Ever wondered how some people seem to have it all together – right down to their email signatures? You too can be one of those people with the HubSpot Email Signature Generator. This is cool because it lets you customize your signature in your business or brand colors, add a logo, add clickable links to your website and social platforms, and even use a custom call to action. And it’s totally free.

If your business is on social media at all, has an email list, or is trying to create more branded content, Canva just may become your best friend. Even if you have no graphic design skills (raises hand) Canva can help you crank out some pretty fancy designs. There’s a free and paid version so you’ll have to decide which best meets your needs. If you know that you’ll want to create unique brand content more than occasionally, the paid version offers tons of templates, images, and other creative options. It’s worth the upgrade.

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