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content writing, ghostwriting, brand messaging


Whether you're applying for a leadership program, competitive business award, company promotion, or responding to an interview request, your words need to be carefully chosen and impactful. We'll help you identify your strengths and contributions then structure them into a compelling narrative.


Pricing starts at $625.00 per seven (7) questions. 


Creating your own content - rather than sharing and reposting from others - is one of the best ways to connect with an audience, position your brand as an authority, and provide value-based content. Choose one of our retainer packages to jumpstart your content and brand messaging. 


To view packages and options, click here


E-books can be used for promotional material, lead generation, or entry into digital products.  They are also an excellent source of passive income if you're looking to "make money while you sleep".  

Pricing starts at $650.00 for a three-page e-book.  Contains three pages of content PLUS front and back cover. 


If you are choosing to forego your email newsletter, you're choosing to leave business on the table. There's also that thing about brand awareness and customer retention that you're likely neglecting. Our suggestion? Don't drop the ball on your email correspondence. 


Pricing starts at $405.00 per newsletter. May be booked as a one-time service or as retainer content. 


You can have an amazing product but if you're selling online or via social - where people aren't able to test the product for themselves - your product descriptions have to do all the work. Good product descriptions help set and manage customer expectations. More importantly, they help make the sale.


Pricing starts at $1265.00 up to 10 descriptions.  


Our content retainer packages are designed to help you create original, written content more consistently. Use it to connect with an audience, build brand authority, or simply show up as your best self through written communications.  


View details and pricing here


Words are powerful! And if you are looking to lead or influence, the right words are key. We can help you craft the right language for a specific audience and make sure your cues and timing strike just the right note with your listeners.


Pricing starts at $155.00 per minute. 


Blog posts have the power to not only help build your brand but to also increase your customer base.


Pricing starts at $405.00 per blog post. May be booked as a one-time service or as retainer content. 


The "about" page is the second most visited page on a website. That means yours should never be blank. Instead, it needs to tell a compelling story about your brand. 


To book your service, click here.


You rarely get a second chance to make a first impression.  Excessive spelling and/or grammatical errors could leave a poor mark on your professional reputation. Don't risk it. Instead, let us help.


View pricing here


How are some of your favorite celebrities or most popular politicians, able to make television appearances, attend events, manage their businesses, engage in their personal and family lives, and STILL author best-selling books and some of the most memorable speeches in history? They aren’t. There’s a ghostwriter for that. To learn about ghostwriting and how it works, read more here.


Pricing starts at $7200.00 per 25,000 words. 


This biography is a written summary of who you are as an employer, employee, business person, or professional. It is meant to present you in the best and most interesting light, without a hard sell.


To see biography options, click here


If you're marketing your service-based business online or via social - where you're likely to encounter people who have no prior experience with you or the business - your service descriptions have to do all the work for you. That's why they need to be thorough and compelling. Not sure where to start? We can help.


Pricing starts at $1265.00 up to 10 descriptions. 


Video has quickly become a contender for consumer attention. To make the greatest impact though, you can't just hit the screen all willy-nilly. Instead, you have to say the right words at the right time.  Video scripting helps you to plan and execute your content in a way that makes an impression on your audience.


Pricing starts at $155.00 per minute. 

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