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5 Things to Know About Working with a Ghostwriter

For most people even the idea of hiring a ghostwriter is taboo.  But ghostwriters are really common. It's how some of your favorite politicians, celebrities, and television personalities are able to work so much, manage their home lives, and STILL crank out books, speeches, and other content.  


If you’ve considered a ghostwriter yourself, but still feel a little unsure of what to expect, no worries.  We’ve outlined five things you should know about working with a ghostwriter. 


1. Is Ghostwriting Plagiarism? 

No, it is not. Plagiarism is when you take the words of someone else, unbeknownst to that person, and pass them off as your own.  Essentially it’s stealing. When you hire a ghostwriter though, the two of you enter into a contract and that contract outlines the type of content the ghostwriter will provide to you in exchange for payment.  You can attach your name to that content freely and without shame.  It’s not stealing in any way. 


2.  Will I Retain the Rights to the Work?

Once the terms of your ghostwriting contract have been met, you retain the rights to the work produced.  Your ghostwriter no longer has any claim to it and you can have it specified through the contract terms that they not reveal themselves or the work they’ve done for you.  You and the ghostwriter must mutually agree on what can be shared, if anything, about the job that’s performed. 

3. Who Manages the Ghostwriting Project?

If you’re a stranger to writing and/or developing content from conception to production, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of producing a written product.  That’s usually what leads people to hire ghostwriters in the first place.  Luckily your ghostwriter will handle all of the heavy lifting.  The writer should be skilled (or have someone on the team who is) at conducting research, asking the right questions, outlining a content plan, and setting reasonable writing deadlines.  He or she will also arrange interviews, organize requests for information, and let you know in what capacity you are needed over the course of the project. 

4.  How Can a Ghostwriter Help Me Long Term?

It’s fine if you only need a ghostwriter for a one-time project.  It’s also fine if you’d like to hire one on a retainer basis so that you can keep a consistent flow of current and relevant content delivered to your audience.  In the latter scenario, not only will you come to know and have a smoother working relationship with your writer, but they will also become more familiar with your brand needs and expectations.  As such, the writer will be able to produce better and better content with less and less of your direct involvement.  This will ultimately save you more time, which brings us to point number five.

5. How Can a Ghostwriter Save Me Time?

Most of the people who hire ghostwriters do so because they lack the time to bring their projects to life.  They are busy in other areas of their businesses or brands and although they’d like to produce content on a regular basis, the time is just not there.  That’s why it’s wise to hand that task over to a ghostwriter.  Not only will you retain your time, but you’ll also get the assistance of someone who is skilled and trained to deliver quality branded content that you’ll be proud to share. 

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