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Whether you're building a new brand or growing an existing one, it's important that your content and messaging have a consistent, recognizable voice across all platforms.  That way, you identify your audience, speak their language, and offer to solve their problems with messaging that represents your particular brand.  

Our brand messaging package includes a vision statement, mission statement, voice & style guide, and one site visit (applicable to local clients only).  Pricing starts at $1800.00 per package.

How are some of your favorite celebrities or most popular politicians, able to make television appearances, attend events, manage their businesses, engage in their personal and family lives, and STILL author best-selling books and some of the most memorable speeches in history? They aren’t. There’s a ghostwriter for that.

Pricing starts at $6000.00 per 25,000 words.* 

Your biography can be one of your greatest professional marketing tools if you do it right.  And doing it right means that you'll have to ditch the chronic listing of achievements, accolades, and awards (those things are special to you but bore readers to tears #sorry).  Instead, you need to tell a story that helps readers learn more about you, the person.  A solid bio can be the difference between you fading into the background or standing front and center.  See professional bio samples here, here, and here. 


Pricing ranges from $155.00 for young professionals to $350.00 for industry experts and corporate executives. 

Need a new professional biography AND headshot? Click here for more information. 

You rarely get a second chance to make a first impression.  Excessive spelling and/or grammatical errors could leave a poor mark on your professional reputation. Don't risk it. Instead, let us help. See completed projects here and here. 


View pricing here.

E-books can be used for promotional material, lead generation, or entry into digital products.  They are also an excellent source of passive income if you're looking to "make money while you sleep".   See project excerpts here, here, and here

Pricing for a 5-10 page e-book starts at $1100.

Words are powerful and if you are looking to lead or influence, the right words are key.  We can help you craft the right language for a specific audience and make sure your cues and timing strike just the right note with your listeners. Pricing starts at $700.00 per five (5) minutes of speaking time.

Whether you're applying for a leadership program, competitive business award, or company promotion, your words need to be carefully chosen and impactful (spoiler alert: googling "what to write on my application" won't cut it.). 


So let us help you say what needs to be said, how it needs to be said. Pricing starts at $500.00 per seven (7) questions.

Video has fastly become a contender for consumer attention.  To make the greatest impact though, you can't just hit the screen all willy nilly. Instead, you have to say the right words at the right time.  Video scripting helps you to plan and execute your content in a way that makes an impression on your audience.  Pricing starts at $500.00 per minute.

We know you must be thinking of how tedious and time consuming they are. But please, don’t be misled and start believing that blog posts are just for the cool kids. Blog posts have the power to not only help build your brand but to also increase your customer base. See project samples here.

Requires a monthly retainer. Contact us here to request custom pricing. 

If you are choosing to forego your email newsletter, you're choosing to leave business on the table. There's also that thing about brand awareness and customer retention that you're likely neglecting. Our suggestion? Don't drop the ball on your email correspondence. 

Requires a monthly retainer. Contact us here to request custom pricing. 

While you're building or growing a brand, you likely need to capitalize on every reasonable opportunity you can to gain the attention of your audience.  Sometimes that means issuing a single press release to announce your next big thing.  Other times it might mean sharing your full media kit (aka press kit) for extended press.  Either way, you want to be prepared when the spotlight comes calling.  

Our digital media kits include a one-sheet (profile of team members up to five members); your business or brand story; a business or brand fact sheet; one press release; and one add-on.  Add-ons include client testimonials, quotes, awards and recognitions, or community involvement.  Pricing starts at $3200.00.

Professional Bio

+ Headshot

We have partnered with Headshot HSV  for a package that includes one (1) headshot image and a professional biography. The headshot session will be held on-site at the Headshot HSV offices.  

Package price is $325.00


Need something but don't see it listed?

Message us. 

We can likely help. 

*Unfortunately, we do not ghostwrite fiction books.  At this time, our focus is on business, education, biography, and memoir related works.  

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