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Here's how our biography writing works:

  • PLEASE NOTE: Our professional biographies are a little bit different than traditional bios in that they focus less on academic and professional achievements and awards.  Those things can be impressive, but they are also a total bore to read about in paragraph form. Sorry. Instead, we focus on telling a story. Academics and awards get a tiny mention within the story but they are not the focus.  So if you happen to be looking for a more traditional bio, that's not how we roll.  If you're looking for a professional bio that is more dynamic and memorable, for both you and whomever may have the pleasure of reading it, let's work.

  • All biography clients must complete the Professional Biography Intake Form. This is used to collect information for the writing of their professional biographies.  The bio intake form must be completed, and payment remitted, to initiate the start of services.

  • The client should not submit a resume or CV (curriculum vitae), links to websites, social media profiles, or LinkedIn pages in lieu of completing the intake form. If the intake form is not completed thoroughly or satisfactorily, your payment may be refunded and service discontinued. 

  • The client can expect a bio draft within seven (7) business days after both the intake form and payment are remitted. 

  • The professional bio is a long-form bio up to 350 words. 

  • Biographies receive one (1) round of edits and revisions. 

  • Clients must submit edits and/or revisions within seven (7) business days of receiving their draft unless other arrangements are made. If revisions are not received in that time period, the service will be suspended and the client will be assessed a $35.00 fee to restart the service. 

You may view and complete the Professional Biography Intake Form by clicking the button below.  You will be able to complete and submit the document electronically. 


If you experience any problems, please email

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