How do I Build an Audience on Social Media?


I am going to start creating digital products to sell on my website. I’d like to use social media as part of my marketing. The thing is though, I haven’t yet built an audience. So, how do I build an audience who wants the products and will purchase from me.


Building an audience on social media is really simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy (I actually hate when people say that. It’s true though, so here we are). But if you create great content and are consistent, it will happen. Here's how.

Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your audience won’t be either. If you can understand that you won’t build a crazy, product buying audience overnight you'll be fine.

Identify the audience you want. Don't fall into the trap of saying "everybody is my audience". Everybody is not. Instead think about who really needs your products and who you actually want to serve. Build your demographics from there. Some things to consider? Age, income, education, industry, and gender. Build an audience profile. This is also known as an avatar, ideal client, or target audience. The more you idealize your audience, the better you can cater to and attract them.

Create content. Lots of it. This is also called providing value. If you create content that is useful to your audience, they will come to trust your expertise, look to you for advice, and eventually look forward to and purchase your products. You can create written content, video content, and even voice content. Try a mix of it all until you find what works best for you and your audience.

Be consistent. Once you start with your content production, you'll need to be consistent. When you are consistent, you build a relationship with your audience. The more you show up the more they know about you and the more you can learn about them. It becomes a mutually beneficial exchange.

Use hashtags. But use them wisely. Hashtags help you to be" discovered" on platforms like Instagram. Use hashtags freely (as of now, you can use up to 30 per post) but make sure you use ones that your potential audience would use to find you and not necessarily what describes your business. The two may not be the same. Building an audience- a paying audience- takes time, patience, and useful content.

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