Depending upon the service you choose, you'll receive a combination of the following types of content. 

Content Types

About Page

The "About" page is the second most visited page on all websites because people really want to know more about the brands they choose.  Knowing more leads them to make better, safer buying decisions.  Help them out with an about page that: 

  • Tells your business story

  • Establishes credibility & builds trust

  • Is written with personality, authenticity, and transparency



Founder's Story

Get up close and personal with your audience by sharing the founder's story.  Whether you're building a new brand or pulling the curtain back on an established one, everybody loves a compelling founder's story. 


Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a short description of your business, what you do, and for whom. The name derives from the idea that you should be able to "pitch" your business concept in the time it takes to take an elevator ride.



Three (3) Page E-Book*

E-books can be used for promotional material, lead generation, or entry into digital products.  They are also an excellent source of passive income.  

Use your e-book for:

  • Revenue generation

  • Lead generation

  • Freebie/opt-in

  • Client education

  • Potential client education

*includes three pages of content PLUS a cover and contact page



Four (4) Blog Posts

These posts will teach your audience how to access your products or services; how to best utilize them; and how to reap the most benefit from them. Each post will highlight a different service or product that can be used for:

  • Evergreen content

  • Client education

  • Potential client education

  • Product/service "how-to" or tutorial

  • Email content



Brand Messaging Guide
Whether you're building a new brand or growing an existing one, it's important that your content and messaging have a consistent, recognizable voice across all platforms. We help with brand messaging by providing:

  • a three-word brand analysis (these words should show up consistently and repeatedly in your content)

  • an elevator pitch

  • an overview of the types of content that will best fit your brand and audience, topic suggestions, and platform suggestions

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