Professional  Biographies

But not the boring kind.



What do we do?

We write professional biographies. But, not the boring kind. 

Why do we do this?

When we work with professionals and organizations to create better, more interesting bios they gain the potential to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. tell stories that attract attention and customers

  2. humanize their brands and businesses

  3. use their bios as short & long term marketing tools

Now, you're probably wondering
how we do this great work. 

Well, our secret is story-based, content

that people actually want to read. 

We also use an approach called Personal Storytelling℠.

Read about it here


What's this

Personal Storytelling℠

all about ?

We developed the concept of Active Storytelling℠ based on the belief that professional biographies don't have to be a snooze fest list of awards, accolades, and accomplishments.  We know that's the way traditional bios have gone.


But we also know that people who read or hear bios have grown tired of that tradition.  

So we're changing the game with bios that tell a full and engaging story. Stories that people want to hear. Stories that people actually remember. 


Our clients have worked hard and they deserve to share impactful stories that attract attention and help them stand out, in any crowd.    


We'd love to help you tell your story too!

Need help?

Stop circulating that old, boring bio.

Let's chat about getting you something better.  

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